3 JCPenney Looks in 3 Days at theCurvyCon! Sponsored by JCPenney

Helllllo! Somehow it has already been 6 days since the Curvy Con ended! If you follow along with my Instagram stories you know I have partnered with JCPenney yet again this year! (Click here to see last year’s post!) I’m still unpacking and winding down from the whole whirlwind Curvy Con experience but I’m excited to share this first recap with you! In this post I’m breaking down my 3 JCPenney looks that I wore to the Curvy Con, including links to shop them!

Let’s Shop!

So, JCPenney has been a great partner of mine since early 2018 and they reached out to me again to do some sponsored coverage of the 2019 Curvy Con. The best part - they armed me with a $150 gift card and the mission of shopping for the perfect looks to wear while I’m there! I know, sounds fun enough, but then I get to bring my Instagram community along with me to shop too. While it does add more time to my shopping trip, I love seeing the responses from followers that prove sometimes a cute look I find that fits my size 18 body can change perceptions. I want women like me to understand that JCPenney is great place to go for style for women of all sizes.

Here are the 7 looks I tried on, with a goal of finding at least 2 looks!

Above are the 7 looks I tried on, with a goal of finding at least 2 looks! After a collection of votes from followers, here are the winning looks!

Look #1 - JCPenney IG Live Takeover!

On Day 2 of the Curvy Con I got the opportunity to take over JCPenney’s Instagram! I hosted a fun live Q&A about style and confidence with a fellow brand ambassador (Shaina from @outofthecorner). I found this look towards the end of my shopping trip and immediately loved it. Mixing patterns is one of the most exciting ways to breathe life into your wardrobe! I had first found this cute print button down top by Worthington, but it wasn’t until I found these subtle animal print pants that I knew I had an official “look.” It gave that perfect stylish professional vibe without being too stuffy or formal!

Look #2 - JCPenney Booth!

I thought I would hate this top, I really did…but I loved the fall floral moment once I put it on! (One point goes to shopping in person versus online). This top by A.N.A has sleeves with a cute tie detail that manages to add to the somewhat retro/vintage feel (which is something the brand A.N.A is actually known for!)

Biggest tip here? Try tying any button down top at your waist! I’ve always hated button downs because they’re boxy or seem too formal, but unbutton the last few buttons and tie it up, then pair it with a cute high waisted jean or skirt and all of a sudden you can see your shape again but still look put together!

Look #3 - JCPenney After Party!

This dress was hands down THE crowd favorite from the fitting room! If you know me you know I love a body con. This dress is from Bold Elements, a brand which is known for form-fitting silhouettes that highlight and flatter your curves! The material has a lot of stretch but is actually a nice density and NOT too thin (a.k.a. not sheer at all!). I knew immediately this was my after party dress and my after-party-after-the-after-party dress!

Tip! This was found in the main JCPenney women’s section not the plus section. If you’re anywhere near a 16/18/20, it’s definitely worth combing both sections as department store brands often run larger (or more true to size) than the fast fashion online stores that are so popular now.

Bonus! 2 More Looks!

Even before Curvy Con kicked off, I put together 2 more JCPenney looks for a fun content shoot! If you go to www.JCPenney.com and search “Curvy Con” you’ll see these 2 looks below come up as the first 2 options under the search results! Click each outfit and on the site all the individual pieces are listed and linked!

Wrap Up!

That’s it! I love that JCPenney is offering some great options for fall. And even more, I love that they are placing such value on repeatedly participating in Curvy Con, an event created specifically for the plus size community, and on partnering with plus size influencers. It says a lot to see where brands are spending their dollars and clearly JCPenney sees the value in investing in us and knows our true spending power.

One last tip! Chat up the employee that checks you out. The lady that checked me out ended up letting me use a JCPenney coupon even without me asking for one. In the end I was able to get all 3 looks (not including shoes) for the $150 I came in with!

Let me know your thoughts!


Erica 💕