What’s Good? List No. 2

Hey! You guys seemed to like my last “What’s Good” post, so I’m back again with another list of what’s good right now! All wrapped up in a few easily digestible bullet points ;).

  1. What’s New With Me: I’m back in LA after spending my summer (mostly) in NYC! Work wise, folks have been tagging me when they stop in their local Walmart because the new fall campaign is out! I was so excited to book this job and meet a lot of new people on a fun 2 day shoot in downtown LA. If you happen to see me in yours, tag me on IG and I’ll repost you!

  2. What’s Next With Me: I’m writing a blog post about attending my first New York Fashion Week (NYFW) runway show! Stay tuned I’m hoping to go live with it this week.

  3. What I’m Watching/Listening to: Well on my last list I mentioned the podcast “Culpable” which I just finished (so good!) to but honestly this week I’ve been binge watching Married At First Sight! Don’t judge me hahaha. There’s like 3 seasons available on Hulu and it is CRAZY PANTS like why would you ever do this?! From one angle, I get it because dating in real life and getting all the way to marriage seems impossible sometimes, but yeah this concept is WHEW. I just wish the editing wasn’t so terrible.

  4. What Piece of Clothing Can I Not Stop Wearing: Ooh 100% its been biker shorts!! I’m so glad these came back in - or that at least I discovered them again.

  5. Tip of the Moment: do your research before signing a long term contract. When it comes to modeling for example, if you’re just starting out, don’t just ask your mom or your friends or even just your lawyer that you had review the contract. Reach out and talk to at least 1 signed and experienced model. It doesn’t matter if you know them, if you phrase your inquiry professionally and politely you’ll most likely get a response. Also! If you want a serious response from someone, don’t just DM them. Pull their email from their IG profile and send a well-presented email and the chances of hearing back are much better.

  6. Personal Goal of the Week: Drink a gallon of water per day and only eat out at restaurants if it’s a social thing! Oh and get that NYFW blog post up ;)