Find Your Perfect Piece - At Home! Sponsored by Stitch Fix

Hey! I’m back at this to share with you my latest experience with Stitch Fix! This post is in collaboration with Stitch Fix but all opinions are my own. Before I even dive into it, if you’ve been considering trying out Stitch Fix, click here to sign up already because I don’t want you to miss this limited time offer for my followers! If you schedule your first fix by June 1st you will receive a $25 credit!

Now, if you are totally new to hearing about Stitch Fix, I recommend checking out my previous post for a basic intro! This is my second time partnering with them and here’s why I love it: THE PERSONALIZATION. A personal stylist to pick pieces to match your personal preferences and needs, where you get to try them out in your personal space on your personal time! That’s really what you’re paying for with just a $20 styling fee per fix and what makes it all worth it.

  • YOUR PERSONAL STYLE & NEEDS: Let them help you find the perfect piece!

    • This time around I specifically wanted to find a dress that would be great for spring/summer that’s feminine but not frilly, classy and cute not matronly. In particular I have a brunch event coming up where I will be meeting my boyfriend’s mother for the first time! (probably should write a whole different post on that! Lol) My closet full of super sexy body cons was not going to cut it!

    • Stitch Fix allows you to request a fix for whatever special event is coming up - whether you want an entire new outfit (even accessories!) or like in my case, 5 dress options. When my fix arrived, what I noticed for the first time is that my new stylist left me a detailed explanation of her choices! See the note she included above! She gathered insight from my style quiz answers and even what she saw me wearing on my Instagram.

  • YOUR PERSONAL SPACE & TIME: Your home, your closet, your pace!

    • What I love most is being able to try out what the stylist picked for me at home.. Everyone is different, but I much prefer to take my time without the pressure of anyone waiting on me to decide! (Plus, you’re not trying them on with a Stitch Fix stylist present so they can’t see your face if you don’t like it! lol) The amount of time I’ve spent looking online for clothes myself…it’s a black hole where time and money disappears and nothing unexpectedly awesome ever ends up in my closet.

    • Now that I’ve been sent 5 new dresses, I have full access to my closet to see if any of these will literally fit into my life and style, and most importantly, which one is going to make the boyfriend’s mom see me as the smart and classy catch that I am. ;) Tip: always try clothes on in good lighting, with your hair/makeup at least lightly styled as you would normally wear it, with your accessories within reach, and actually putting on a shoe. Can you put together a look that you would walk out the door in right now?

  • MY OPTIONS & MY STYLE: Let’s try on and style these pieces!

1st piece: this one was my favorite to style because the colorful print is a statement on its own and allows me to just play with adding in neutral and complimentary pieces! I knew I had lots of options to go with it, and I decided on these new camel wedge heels, a cropped mustard jacket, a neutral bag and some black and tortoise shades. I would probably go up one size in this dress because it was a little short for my comfort.

2nd piece: I was excited to see a teal dress since I’m loving everything in this color right now! I like a sporty neckline because it shows off my shoulders and long neck, but this dress cut reminded me of a skater style dress which I almost never pick for myself so I was interested to try it! It’s fairly casual, but I went with my favorite lace-up block heels to lengthen my legs, some on-trend glasses, and mini backpack. I love each piece has a cool sporty vibe and are all various shades of teal so it works together without being matchy.

3rd piece: I love this dress! The lines created by the pattern are flattering to my curves and it has great movement plus a tie at the waist. Since the pattern plays as a neutral, I added pops of color with the jacket and shoes, and knew that the sneakers with dresses trend would work here as a cute alternative option. My feet hurt often from modeling so I love when a dress works multiple ways and I can still be comfortable and feminine! How cute is the way the skirt is cut on the sides to show a little leg? :)

4th piece: A simple faux wrap dress with an attached tie that starts at the front and wraps back around, giving my shape a lot of definition which I love. It’s a snake skin print and a nice alternative to the super sexy snake print everything else I’ve been seeing. I didn’t style this one, just threw on a heel, but doing that made me realize that I this is one of my absolute favorites. Not too frilly, with a little flow to the skirt, and very versatile without being too basic. I can pair it with colorful accessories, build on the black/white theme, or layer in neutrals like tan/camel.

5th piece: Another simple faux wrap dresses with front tie. While I clearly didn’t go so far as to style these last two, it wasn’t until I tried them on in good lighting with a heel that I got a sense of how I felt about them! Again, this my criteria of accenting my shape and fit perfectly. I felt great in it, but the ruffle of the hem and the sleeve leans a little frilly for my usual style..

I have my favorites so far but I’d really like to know what YOU think to help me ultimately decide! See the poll at the end of this post and VOTE for your favorite or favorites!

Try Stitch Fix out for yourself! If you use this link and schedule your first fix by June 1st, 2019, you’ll receive a $25 credit!!

Thanks for reading! And thank you Stitch Fix for sponsoring this post! If you have any questions for me about styling for a pear shape or my experience, let me know in the comments!


Erica <3

Styled outfit photos shot by Kaitlin @kaiitycakes.