Shopping and Styling JCPenney Looks for #theCURVYcon! (with links!) Sponsored by JCPenney

Its 2:37am and I’m sitting in my friend’s living room in her cute little Washington Heights apartment half-watching the new season of the Great British Baking Show. No better time to start a blog entry right?? I’ve been in New York just over 2 weeks now for NY Fashion Week, shoots, and Curvy Con, and it has been an exhausting blur. I’m in the middle of a 5 week road trip and getting excited for the international leg of my trip that's coming up in 2 days (what’s up London Fashion Week?!). Before I my memory fails me, I want to start sharing more things with you! First up…

#JCPenney at #theCURVYcon!

There is sooo much I can say about #theCURVYcon. The highs, the lows, the sweat and the star power. But that will be set aside for another post. Full disclosure folks: I partnered with JCPenney at Curvy Con to do some sponsored coverage of the event, including this post, and to find some hero pieces to wear to the event They approached me and since I was already planning to attend it was a perfect match.


I first worked with JCPenney this past spring and took my IG followers shopping with me to find a cute dress for a pop-up shop in Brooklyn. I loved that the overall tone of the engagement from women in response to what I was trying on was surprise at how many great options I was able to find in store! Helloooo, I couldn’t have found a dress I loved more than this blue one. :)

So I was excited to have the chance to partner with JCPenney at theCURVYcon and show that I could again find some great affordable AND on-trend options for women my size.

Let’s Shop (IN Store - gasp!)

Ok no, shopping in store is not really that retro - its not like there isn’t still a mall every couple of miles. But for me, the vast majority of my clothes just arrive at my front door, whether I’ve purchased them or been gifted them by this brand or that. Actually, my place is admittedly looking like the mid-stages of hoarding, with dangerously high stacks of clothes I haven’t worn yet and all sizes of pretty boxes that every brands seems to be using now in their packaging. I don’t know about you but my heart hurts every time I have to throw out something pretty, so I have to keep them all, clearly…

Clothing storage concerns aside, thankfully knowing I was now working with JCPenney for Curvy Con was a relief - “yes, that’s 2 days worth of Curvy Con outfits that I don’t have to pull out of thin air!!” If you haven’t been, it’s basically a 2.5 day fashion show so you want to represent.


So after a couple runway castings, I stopped into the Manhattan JCPenney and about 10 minutes in this top immediately caught my eye. It’s by the brand Bold Elements and it’s right on trend with the popularity of sheer/mesh pieces as well as embroidered/laser-cut details. The lacy-style, high neck and half bell sleeve gave it a sophisticated appeal that I liked. And it’s not pictured, but it has an exposed gold zipper all the way up the back. I tried it on over my own bra that I had on that day. I LOVE a piece that has a contrast of sexy and sophisticated - that’s what I aim for most days actually.

I tried on about 7 other options and left the store with a couple options for Curvy Con that you’ll see below. Plus another option I had to have for my upcoming trip to Greece!

The JCP Booth @ The Curvy Con - Look #1

Shocker! I snatched the same top in pink/blush as well (if you love something get in at least 2 colors, right? #firstruleofhoarding)

This version of the top gave me super feminine vibes, which is not always my aesthetic. So I kept the outfit light by pairing a white spaghetti strap body suit underneath, and thin brushed-gold hoop earrings. I also got it in the XXL instead of the XL to keep give it a little more flow and movement for a day look.

Then there are these jeans….I fell in love these jeans. Just check the length and the fit - being 5’11.5” and having the rise and the length fit, along with a good amount of stretch and no gapping, is an easy yet. If I make it back to the store this week I’m going to check for a pair in black.

I loved the light wash, especially with the lightness of the top. It gave me a flirty but casual day look which I’m all for. Then I tied it together with my own pink and clear (a.k.a. nude!) block heels that are life savers for long NY days like this (although I stashed a pair of rose gold strappy flats in my bag for the afternoon.)

JCPenney Look #2 - Quick Change!

At the booth I spotted this cute, Chanel-inspired jacket that is part of the JCPenney pre-fall collection (designed by the lovely @alltheprettylayers)

  • Jacket - XXL; Brand - Worthingon

  • This brand is carried in the women’s section and the plus size section to my knowledge.

I already had the perfect base outfit on so I threw it on and put up a pic with a voting button on my IG story. After 600 of you voted yes (versus 130 nos) I put in that order to add one to my closet back home. (notice a problem? ;) )

After Party JCPenney Style - Look #3!

Curvy Con ended with the fun after party hosted by JCPenney at the chic Andaz Hotel on 5th Avenue. For this evening, I wanted a dressier vibe for my next JCP look. Now, the caution with combining faux leather and see-though material is that it can easily be, let’s say, the opposite of classy. However, again the actual cut of this top is almost demure, and then I paired it with my own to-the-knee faux leather skirt and then to make it playful I added a bra with on-trend, harness-inspired straps. Having your bra exposed may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it allows the intricate details of the shirt to be seen and it’s playful. Plus this top actually looks like it could be handmade (aka expensive).

I got this black top one size smaller than the pink one since I know I will mostly wear it for going out in the evenings when I want a slimmer, sexier fit.

  • Top XL, Brand - Bold Elements; Original price $44; Sale price $22.40

Wrap Up

My takeaway? As a curvy woman who likes to accentuate her body shape, stay on trend without being too flashy, and doesn’t (yet anyway) spend money often on high-end designer brands, I know that I can find great options here and there at JCPenney. No, it may not necessarily feel like I’ve hit a fashionista gold mine right when I walk in. BUT, when I’ve taken my time to really look through what they have to offer and give new styles a chance I’ve been really successful. One great thing? The sizing is forgiving when you compare it to a lot of these fast fashion brands that I’ve gotten used to wearing where at a 16/18 I find myself barely fitting into a 3X - the biggest size available. At JCPenney I’ve found I can often size down (e.g. perfectly fitting that black XL top when I usually get a 2X, and fitting the size 18 jeans when I usually wear a 20). Plus, it doesn’t hurt that after you find a cute outfit you can always stop by the in-store Sephora that most locations offer……#winwin #morestuffformybeautyhoard

Have questions about shopping? Styling? Let me know :)

Erica <3

Thanks JCPenney for sponsoring this post!